For its successor from GTA V, see Channel X.
"Finally, there IS an alternative. The home of Modern Rock. This is a revolution. Guitars, nihilistic hedonism, and telling the elder generation to go screw themselves. Nobody has done this before. We are original thinkers. We are free. Sage leads the navel gazing; she is a remarkable talent."
―GTA San Andreas Website

Radio X (referred to as Radio:X in its logo) is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that plays alternative rock, grunge, hard rock and alternative metal. It is hosted by Sage (voiced by Jodie Shawback).


The station's host, Sage, is an escaped mental patient who holds extremely pessimistic world views. A proud member of Generation X, she is very outspoken against the previous generation and constantly speaks her views on air between songs.


* - This song is missing from the re-released versions of the game.


GTA San Andreas - Radio X

GTA San Andreas - Radio X


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